What is S'agapo? And how do you say it?


First things first, Sah-Gah-Poh.  You got it.

Next, what does it mean?!
Well, here are seven different words for love in the Greek language, each embodying a different element of what the emotion means. Agape' is an unconditional form of love, one you might feel for your family. A type of love that is truly forever, rather than a romantic love or strong adoration for something.  When you tell these people you love them, you conjugate agape' as "S'agapo".  "I love you". When we tuck our children in at night, we say "S'agapo toooooso" - "I love you thiiiiis much". Of course, the other way to do that in Greek is by telling them through the food you serve them. As a local, family run small business, we want to share our love for each other, and for great food, with you. So from our family to yours, enjoy! Toooooso!